You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat
The world of food in America is more so the money gained then the health and well being of the people who have consume these items. The everyday supermarket has over 47 thousand different products for the consumer to choose from and most are made and packaged in the same factory’s. Everything has a season where it grows to its best and full growth but in the supermarkets there are no seasonal fruits or vegetables available; you can have whatever whenever, why?
 Mass production has changed the food industry from top to bottom. From the farm to the stores is being controlled by the corporations who provide for these different groups of producers. Mass production was started with the creation of fast food. McDonald’s made fast food what it is today, they were the first fast food chain to change the frame work production of meat and vegetables. McDonald’s is the biggest buyer of ground beef, potatoes, and sandwich veggies in the world, in turned made the production of ground beef and every other product on the market.
 Early production of meats were spread out over various groups. In 1970 the top five producers of meat only produce’s 25% of the meat in America. In the 2000’s the top four producers of meat in America produce 80% of the meats we eat, which means all the different labels cover the same meats. Smithfield is the largest slather house, they kill 32,000 hogs per day. Tyson foods is the biggest meat packing company in the world. The mass production of chickens changed the body frame of the chicken by making the breast bigger because we the people enjoy more white meat than dark. In the 1950’s it took at least 70 days for a chicken to grow enough to harvest. In the 2000’s with the new bread chickens it takes 40 days to harvest a full grow chicken. Chicken farmers can not disclose the farming processes of the the harvest, but there are some facts. The chickens are mainly left in dark enclosed areas and never see sun. The chickens grow five times faster then before and this alters the development of the bones and organs in the chickens. Antibodies are feed to the chicken as chicks with in there foods. Chickens and most meat in production are abused and missed feed during there journey.
 Corn is the biggest part of your diet, did you know? 30% of America’s land mass is covered with corn. The scientific breakdown of corn changed the world, and the world of food. If you look at your processed food labels most if not all items or ingredients are breakdowns of corn. High fructose corn syrup is one of the biggest corn products used in a lot of processed foods allover the world. Corn is also a very big part of the diet of the animals we have in our diet. Diabetes can come about or if you already have it these food could cause fetal injuries Cows are bread to eat corn in this day and age even thought they are naturally raised to eat grass. There are laws that have pasted where the animals have to eat corn if being processed for food. Corn is a main part of ecola being within the foods; cows eat and stand in there own and other cows minor and when being processed that minor is also processed with the meat and creates the ecola within the meats.
 Ecola getting into our supermarkets and stores is made possible by laws passed on regulating the USDA stopping bad meat, and other laws being held back that would put a stop to bad meat being sold to sellers. Food law makers are a big part the growth as far as money for curtain companies. Big brands and producers fights to keep labels off some foods showing if the meat is clowned or not, also keeping all ingredients from making the package. We the people are on are own at this moment as far as the food we eat so take control. We can start from our own homes with a simple gardens, shopping at local flee markets, and asking questions about the food you are buying. Ecola and other food born illness has caused death, and the production continues. Smithfield and Tyson still continues to run big plants and mistreat there animals and there workers. its up to the masses to make the change necessary to maintain healthy lives and our children to live healthy happy lives. Dont just put anything in your body, look for organic foods and farms. Read and ask why, your life depends on it.
  With love and positive vibes, think great and great will be your reality…
   Yours truly Genius Baby

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