Wrapping my Crown

I am often asked why I wrap my crown. The wrapping of my crown provides me with multiple benefits, some of which are purely spiritual and serve as reminders. Some that are physical barriers between myself and the physical world. I will explain what works for me, take what you need & leave the rest.

I have found that wrapping benefits me by providing a constant reminder of my connection to the Divine- helping me stay grounded and shielding me from negative energy. Covering my hair is a constant reminder of the link between my physical body and my Divine nature. This link reminds me that I have the strength, the knowledge, and the ability to stand on my own. REmember that covering doesn’t create the link, it is merely my personal reminder. Grounding is a way to get rid of excess energy, but it also has a very important role in replenishing energy as we go about our day.

When my head is open, especially when I am out among other people, I lose a lot of personal energy through my Crown. Instead of moving through and down to reconnect my temple with Earth, that energy is being lost into the Air. By covering my hair, I am closing my Crown so that Energy can not escape. That Energy is able to move through the channels of my body as it is meant to do, and can naturally move into the Earth while new Energy moves back into me.

I am very aware as an empath and as a healer that I am sensitive to the emotional outpourings of people around me. Just as wrapping my crown keeps energy in, it also allows me to keep the energy of others out. This process is called Shielding, it is a way to protect myself and my thoughts from outside forces. I especially love cleansing a crystal and wrapping it in my hair as well, currently my crystal of choice is a Clear Quartz.

With no form of shielding in place, I find that I become irritable and exhausted when I am among other people, or in an emotionally charged situation, for too long. Creating and maintaining a level of constant shielding can be tiring in itself. I have found that when I am covering my hair I do not have to expend as much personal energy in maintaining my shield. Because I am not using all my energy to actively shield, I have more time to connect with my Divine nature and be of light.

Women cover for a wide range of reasons. Some cover for modesty, some to show religious devotion. Some cover because a deity told them to, or asked them to. Some cover because of health – they may have lost their hair due to illness or alopecia. Some cover for other reasons. Some even cover just because they like the way it looks.

I prefer to have a level of emotional stability because I am known to take on the emotional baggage of everyone around me. When wrapping my crown, i feel more connected to the Divine and more connected to Mama Gaea (Earth) as I go about my days. I like having more personal energy to use for daily tasks and even for taking up new hobbies and learning new skills. Wrapping has gave me a sense of belonging where i once felt unwelcome. Are you ready to welcome yourself into a whole new world? Try wrapping even one day a week and comment some of the differences you notice. Knowledge is power & once you know better, you do better!


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