Us V.s Them State Of Mind

Us Vs. Them State of Mind (Lives Lost to the “Law”)
To Know Where it Really Comes From…
Brief history on Law N Order

(The United States Of America was founded and created from blood. Land and resources stolen to be calmed by the greedy and powerful some may say. ) In the northern reign of The now USA of then the Thirteenth Colonies the people policed themselves with many different ways of discipline agreed through the community. Way like “Public disapproval” or shunning where your an out case in the community. Places like New York in the early Seventeen hundreds had only seven thousand people; they used The town crier which would walk through the town giving the news of the town and updates on the British power. When the population rate went sky high very fast new methods were added which took some disliking amoung honorable men who would have a dole or a stand of if something went wrong or rules were broken. The community soon would turn to a formal Justice systems due to the ghrowth in population. As in the north the west had a law in order system in place, where they would use sherfifs elected by the people. The sherfifs would hirer people from the community to be the police force also known as a posse in the western reign. There was a privite police for known as the Pinkerton Group or Detectives, who were hired by privte groups and companies for protection and hired to catch bank robbers accross the US. There group filed the most mugshots in and around the country which would help there rise. They were banned in fear of creating a privite army by the state of Ohio. The inititution of slavery consumed and corupted justice in the American south. There were only half a million slaves brought through the American slave trade but just as in the north the population grow vasly to four million by the eightteen sixty cenis. Repression (the action of subduing someone or something by force) was the law in the south until the civil war. The civil war was the event that sprung the nationwide police force in the US. In the “Reconstruction era” the federal government tried to undo the ecwaty of slavery by freeing the slaves and giving some of them voting rights. This sparked backlash from southern whites, making the Klu Klux Klan and other vigilanty groups much stronger. The Klan had up to 15% of the voting popution in 1920 (when only men could vote) with now up to five million members and counting. Laws pasted through the thirdteenth and fifthteenth amendent where suppose to give rights to the now freed slaves but segration in the south was still put in place and enforced with the Jim crow laws.

 With the mass murder of Native Americans, repression as law in the south and the civil war are some events that shaped and helped create the nationwide police force. As early as 1704 in America there were groups form to keep slaves from running away for the most part called slave patrols in South Carolina. They were the police of there time creating other patrol groups throughout the southern reign. These patrols would soon form the Confederit army and would soon fight the people they patroled and others who disagreed with the repressionist way of doing things in the southern reign.

 As a reminder in the Northern and Western reigns there were forms of law in order throughout the communities brought about by the communities. There were Natives enslaved in the west but there poputation not as strong they were controlled easier then the southern slave. In the northern reign most people were people of the European desent therefore made them more or less respect there communities more and vote for law and order for there communitites. Black people in the north were brought in the early settlement and were servents and had some respect in there communities as such. The southern reign was the only reign governing with patrols on such a big scale. The majority of the southern poputation didnt have rights which made the policing much different in the south as well. Slaves were resiting in small numbers at first which in turn created the growth in patrol groups. The resistians began to grow and the slave owners were starting to feel i, armies were form and the civil war was on the table. As patrols and owners began to team up so did the slaves. With the deaths of over a million Americans and more to come Presdent Lincoln passed and execitive order to “free the slaves” in the Emansapation Proclamtion. This freed over three million slaves and would end this war with the slave owners and patrolers left on the “ass-end” of the law, making it illegal to form patrols and own slaves.

 In the Recontrution period of 1865-1877 these patrol systems would still be used amoung free people in the south. Soon local city and rural police would began to practice the ways of patrols. This period in time would help form the new nationwide police force. Old style patrol methods were used by southern police and orgnitations like the Ku Klux Klan, which would hang people from trees and beat people to death for things otherwise looked over. The laws pasted by Lincoln were being followed in the north but disagreement within the parties left the southern reign on there own as far as law and order went. People would come to the south in some cases in massive groups to protest and try and help the people of the south. There was a real plan to reconstruct the south but the forces againts it would seem to be to powerful and would succed in keeping the south segerated and in some since lawless. The north and south had different views and different money, the lose in the civil war made the south very open to a ton of new. New laws, new ideals, new people in control of the south and a new way of life for millions of people who only knew the life of as an American slave. These new shifts in power and control would shape the police force of the modern day.

 The law of Jim Crow came soon after the recontrution era. This set of new laws came into play in 1890 and would be used dispite all the amendenments added to the Contitution until 1965. These laws were depribed from a set of unwriten laws from 1800 to 1866 called the Black Codes. These laws would keep the new African American and the white Eurpeon apart in every aspect of living. Housing, schools, jobs, ect. were made so the southern whites and new southern free black men wouldn’t be able to be together in public. The term came from a song and dance in a film called blackface in 1832 and was used as another word for negro, in term the “Negro Laws”. The Democrats (the radicial party in support of segration) regained power in the south after The Republicans lost there leader which died with most of its values. They passed laws to make voting harder and more expensive for black and most poor white people in the south. Most laws were made to keep the slave state of mind relavent knowing where blacks lacked using these things against them. The President Woodrow Wilson was raised in the south during the civil war and agreed with the way slaves were treated at the time which allowed the law to carry on with its destrution dispite all the efforts laws passed otherwise. This was the underlining factor that made the police force as such in the years coming after the laws were removed.

 In 1964 President Johnson set out to make big changes in the laws of civil rights. With the orgination of unorganized whites agents black people of the south. Civil rights groups were being terrorized and treated to stay away from the south and black and northern and southern white people with the movement were killed. During this time many people have lost there lives do to laws in places and the underlining understanding that white meant power or powerful or being above the norm, and black mean powerless and easly controlled or less than. There were thousands of documented and undocumented death throughout the south, one very non death was the murder of 14 year old Emmett Till from Chicago. Visting his family in Money, Mississippi Emmett Till was said to be walking with his cousin to the store when he spoke or whistled at 21 year old white women by the name of Carolyn Bryant. Her husband Roy Bryant and a friend of his went to Emmett Till’s former slave Great-uncle’s home in the thick of night to kidnap and kill young Emmett. Emmett Till’s body was found in the Tallahatchie River beaten, mutilated and shot with barbed wire around his neck three days later. Two weeks after he had left Chicago he returned in a box, to be a pillor in the minds and heart of the 50,000 people who saw his body in Chicago, and the world who read about it in news papers and the popular black Jet magazine. Roy and his friend J.W. Milam were arrest and placed on trail with the defense that they took him but let him go. The town took there side and they would go on to beat the case of all charges the jury (all white) being the friends of the defendants. The case was as the town was, segergated, and the town of now “traditonal” southern white people where on the side of there follow townsman. The Judged over the case is said to have been quoted saying to the jury “Your ancsters would rollover in there graves if they didnt find it in there heart to lets these boys go”. They later told the real story of how they killed the 14 year old Emmett Till in a magazine by the name of Look for 4,000 dollars. Roy and J.W. were considered town heros and were never charged in any crime.(watch The murder of Emmett Till documentary) Nine years later with many murder between time there was a civil rights campaign of college kids from cross the country and abroad called the Freedom Summer, a trip of almost 300 hundred kids to go to Mississippi to help with the civil rights law and voting registration of black and poor white people. Three men Andrew Goodman, Micheal “Micky” Scherner and James Earl Chaney took this path for justice to Mississippi to help lead a civil rights movement when they disappared. They had been pulled over in Meridian, MS the hometown of James Earl Chaney, for speeding. They were escorted to the local jail and held for hours, they were let go but followed to the outskerts of Neshoba County. They were pulled over again and abducted from they’re car and driven to another location where they were shot at close range. They were transpoted to the earthern dam and burned. There car would be found burned three days after they disappered and there bodies would be found burned 44 days later. The KKK was prepared and was ready to kill anyone who came down to try to change the Mississippi way of life. The coming of civil rights workers sparked a growth in the Klan of Mississippi to 10,000 white people from the state. The Shreiff, police officers of Philadelphia, MS and other members of the Klan of MS, 18 indivionals in total were found to be invovled in the abdution and murder of the three civil rights members. There were only seven convicted and sentenced to very light jail time. (watch the 1964 NBC News report, Mississippi Burning)

 This same year the civil rights bill was pasted to give equal right and get rid of Jim Crow laws. The Voters rights act was past a year later gave the people the equal right to vote. The Vietnam War was coming to an end with more and more troops coming each year. With the country still wounded from hundreds of years misunderstood hate towards people of African and other milianated people of dry or trypical reigns. The policing remained the same even after the rulings had changed. The was the justice system from ground up to adapt with the times but did not change in the since of who was the target or a treat and how can we us them for gain instead of help fix the system to change the out come. In a plan to gain more control the War on Drugs was brought to the for front and what some called “The New Jim Crow”. The war on drugs would place new laws in the system that would lock up anyone found with crack cocaine. The term was founded in 1971 only a few years removed of the civil rights movements and the murders and excils of most black civil rights leaders. Most black people coming home from war hooked to heroin named after the hero’s of the war. Drugs already had a role in the wealthy community but was moving up in demand in the black community. This would spark the prison boom, locking black men up all over America for crimes placed into law years ago during the freeing of slaves and the Civil War.

 Years down the road we have cases in simalar fasion ended up the same way it may have in the 1950s or 60s. There are countless number of police shooting on an everyday bases in 2016 years after all the years of division and blood shed. Countless numbers of them are beating there case everyday because there system has always been for the benift or in favor of the law and whom upholds the laws. Trayvon Martin became the new face for the same movement which sparked a new reconstitution era of years of killing of black and poor white people. In 2015 the police killed over a thousand people in the USA, more than half being black. These system have not to far removed been put in places to keep the black men and women and poor whites in the slave state of mind and to keep control among the masses. All these systems fall in line with one another and were thought out by the ones whom control the law and order in our country.

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