Showing up for Yourself

I am someone who is worthy of loving and honoring myself. How many of us feel the same way?

It’s one thing to state an affirmation and another to fully live in the energy of that affirmation. Showing up for yourself means practicing self care, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, as well as loving and honoring yourself. In order to show up for yourself, you have to be clear on who you are and what you truly desire for your life so you can make choices that will lead you there.

When I first started tarot class, we discussed having a code of conduct. The code clear states what we personally will and won’t accept, who we will and won’t read for, and any other specifics. In life, we also need a code of conduct. There are some people, places, and situations that we should avoid at all cost. Most of us are struggling with self-worth and self-love wounds that require a lot of awareness to heal. In order to push past these blockages, we must release pain and limiting beliefs- things that no longer serve us. Total full moon vibes, am I right?

This Full Moon in Pisces is the perfect vessel to help us connect to our hearts desires. Showing up for myself means that I know who I am, and I trust myself to make choices that serve me. I don’t do things because the world tells me to do them, I listen to my body, my heart, and my soul. I decode and understand my dreams and face my nightmares. Showing up for yourself in the ultimate sense means that you make choices that honor your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs as they arise. This is how we take care of ourselves. This is how we love ourselves. There is no one in the world who can do this for you but you.

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