Grand rising King & Qweens, Brother’s && Sestras! Welcome back to The Moody Pool. This is the first blog post I’ve written in years. When my partner and I first launched this company everything was moving at such a fast past, I myself couldn’t keep up.

My journey of Soul Searching started January 2016. My main goals embarking on this journey was to find myself and stop my depression. After three long years searching the deepest depths of my soul, I can say I have found my purpose and so much more. I found the light, a reason not only to get up everyday but to also leave my mark on the world.

How did I get to this point? I’d say through knowledge, guidance, and trusting my intuition. There are so many tools, avenues, and paths I took to get to this point. But before we can even discuss Manifesting, Astro Travel, or Divination- we have to start at the beginning. Before we can use our minds as the powerful weapons they are, we must cleanse and heal! We have to be conscious of what we put on our bodies as well as in our bodies if we want to see true progress.

I absolutely have a few tools that I will share with you to get started such as Breathe-work, Gratitude, Horoscopes,  and Intuition. These tools will help you build a solid foundation to heal while cleansing your body inside and out. 

Check out my next blog post on The Cleanse

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