Love Begets Love

Just about a month ago, I was down on my luck and ready to risk it all. Things weren’t going well at home, I’d lost my job, and the bills just kept adding up. I had half a mind to hitchhike my way to Arizona just so I could feel like myself again. I was making decisions out of fear and anger, fed up with the way things had been going lately. Sitting outside a coffee shop that I desperately wanted be in and out of this depressive state, I cried.

I have no idea why i even looked, but I logged into my bank account and to my surprise there was 99.99 just sitting there. Last time I checked my bank account there wasn’t more than .50 in there and there was no explanation as to where the deposit came from. I immediately took this as a sign. My life was spinning out of control and I knew my angels knew exactly what to say. I pulled out my phone and typed into google, “9999 meaning.” It led me to an article on angel numbers.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I’ve learned to eat the fish and leave the bones. Which means take what you need and leave the rest. The article had so much to say but what really stood out was three simple words “love begets love.” At the time I read those words, I didn’t know what that statement meant although it touched me so very deeply. I figured out that the word beget means to cause. I’d been fighting fire with fire so long that the thought of pouring love on the fire never occurred to me.

It was the strength of Auset and the Wisdom of Ma’at that brought me to the conclusion I’d been fighting wrong all along. I had to disconnect from my original ways of coping, I was never going to get anything resolved by burning my way to a victory. I needed to use what I’ve learned- mindfulness, kindness, love, and compassion if I planned on getting off this emotional roller coaster and into a place of solace. 

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