Light Beings


 We do NOT live out our full potential because we do not know our true self; beings of light. From birth there are many ways to take away from your full potential, we will not touch on that yet… but whats more important is how to use your true light to change your world and the world around you. YOU ARE A LIGHT BEING, meaning simply you are a being of energy. Being human complicates things only because we are a very complex being. Our parents, parents, parents, parents, parents were all stripped of the true knowledge of self and for hundreds of years knowledge of true self has been hidden from the masses on a grand scale. Its not your fault, for the founding fathers and more have systematically controlled the minds and bodies of the masses for hundreds of years. Pressured to conform to those concepts, our full potential was lost. 

 In actuality we are full with divine grace and powers in which we encounter everyday but most times ignore them. To understand yourself and the world around you, you have to believe in yourself first. We have these feelings that take over or bodies in different moments, thats the “light” making you aware of the moment or energy around you. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach or second guessing a some what plan. These skills we have but do no see as such, are apart of the divine grace and power we have as humans. These signs from within have been tampered with because you don’t truly know yourself therefore what your body and mind may be telling you wrong depending on the circumstance. Clean your body and the mind, understand that it starts with in.

 We have to start opening our thoughts to new ideas and concepts. Understanding is key to unlocking your true self and potential. To build on your true self you have to practice understanding yourself, using mediation and conversing with like-minded people are the most common ways to start. Awaken the light by focusing on the sounds, of your origins worker, how your breathing and the natural sounds of the world. Pay closer attention to what your heart tells you. If you have dreams, understand them, focus on them and work towards them; your dreams are your purpose. If you don’t find it because we are have true purpose. Be mindful that you have to find yourself before you find your true dreams and potential. Once within this truth your mind and body will tell you know lies, carrying you to your purpose as long as you keep moving towards it. Your divine nature is your gift to humanity. “ We are not beings of the earth, but beings of light and knowing this facts raises our natural vibration and consciousness”. 


 To be a “light being” is to be a being of energy. We see ourselves as beings of animate objects, clearly physical rather than clearly light even though we may identify with being a “light being”. Often times we don’t have the experience to back up being “beings of light”. To understand our light we’d have to understand light it self.

 Light is apart of a spectrum known as The Electro Magnetic Spectrum. The Electro Magnetic Spectrum is a measuring stick measuring waves of different lengths and frequencies. We have seven different frequencies and wavelengths on this spectrum known as Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-Ray, and Gamma Ray. All the colors we know of together makes light as we see it, which is in the visible area of the spectrum. Light only makes up 0.0001% of the spectrum which leaves 99.999% of things on this same spectrum we can NOT see with the naked, undeveloped eye. 

 The energy or light we perceive is in the range of physical vibrations; so everything from our skin to eyes are concentrated energy, which puts us on the same spectrum. We can NOT see the energy around us because simply it is not in our visible range and we haven’t been shown how to really see light. What is known as “predator vision” keeps us from seeing outside of the physical vibrations. “Predator vision” is to track objects like pray; assessing the treat of everything within the physical vibrations to asses our comfort levels. This leads us to look at the world as a world of objects in space around us instead of seeing in between light and or energy. All though the most common way to look at the world, it is NOT the only way to see the world around you.

 To “see” more clearly you have to use your other senses; feeling, hearing, smelling, knowing. To increase your “vision” is to be enlightened/ enlightenment. To “see more light” is to see into the other 99.999% of the spectrum. As stated above meditation and understanding can increase your vision past the 0.0001% mark. Also practicing these vision habits at night will better increase the chance of you retraining your sight. Since from birth the ability to see more than the refections of light these steps may seem hard only because they’re completely new to you. We can use sound to our vibration rate because different sounds have different frequency and vibration when used will change the frequency and vibration of the body. To raise your frequency enables you to absorb higher frequencies of light; which means to see between the light and or to see outside of your 0.0001% range on the spectrum. “When we systematically stop looking at the world with our “predator vision” we allow our natural faculties to awaken.”

~ Genius Baby

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