Leaders of The Community

I Ellis J. Johnson call to action all leaders in Milwaukee and surrounding areas to connect and organize as a group of leaders and not as individuals, to come together to provide a meaningful change for the community. Strength in numbers.
Its time for a real change to be brought forth for the youth in the city of Milwaukee and the surrounding cities and in the United States period, we can be the beginning. Its starts with us as leaders being on the same page and working towards the same goals as a collective. The unity in the community is the key to our success within our community.
I would like to start a contact list with: First and Last name and email address and phone number for talk or texting purposes, communication is key. I would like for us to have a face to face meeting to have a meet and greet to create a comfortable environment for us to combined ideas and goals for the change needed in our the community and to establish a foundation for the group to build from.
As stated before this is where it starts and is only the beginning to a long journey to say the least. I ask that all leaders join but only if willing to stay for the journey ahead. It will not be an easy task but a needed one. I thank you all for taking the time out to read this call for action and look forward to building a new way of life for our communities. Please send your contact information to and be checking your emails for updates.
With Peace & Love
Ellis J. Johnson

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