King of the UNIverse

During the Leo New Moon, I posted a video describing Leo traits and attributes. I mentioned in the video that I do not personally know a ton of Leos. This led me to asking around as I truly wanted to get to know this sign. I found out that my great grandmother, the late great Nipsey Hussle, and a dear friend of mine are all amazing Leo’s.

Every year I create a new design for my late friend Ashtian Duane Barnes birthday, August 17th 1991. It took me alot longer than it should have to put two and two together, Ashtian is a Leo! All the things I mentioned in that video (Leo New Moon) came rushing back to me.

Reflecting back on my friendship, I can say that Ashtian is the sweetest most kind hearted person there is. Not to say that those ill dignified qualities weren’t there, they absolutely were. But that didn’t him from making a lasting impression on my life.

His personality was literally larger than life, king of the UNIverse and center of the world. He was loved and appreciated by every soul that was blessed to come into contact with him.

Just knowing that this man is a Leo completely turned around my negative feelings for this particular sign. One of Leo’s traits is Loyalty. He is hands down the most loyal individual I’ve met to date. Not to mention the fact that he, a Leo, was able to teach me unconditional love.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the love, friendship, and loyalty I experienced from this gentle lion.

Happy Birthday Ashtian Duane Barnes ???

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