“Before one can show kindness to others, must first show kindness to one’s self” -Unknown

Self-Care is an important tool on one’s journey but before we can utilize the tool of self-care, we must first learn the principle of kindness. Seems like such an easy concept, yet most people find it hard to care for themselves- in receiving love and in believing they deserve to be happy. Let’s take a moment and tune into our awareness- imagine the amount of energy you expend apprehensive about the future, deliberating on the past, comparing yourself to others, judging yourself, and worrying about what will happen next. That is a H U G E amount of energy. Now imagine all of that red and green energy turning white and pink while staying inside you. Our usual patterns of self-preoccupation, stinging self-judgement, and fear need to be replaced with awareness and love. Practicing kindness points us back to a place within, where we can cultivate love and help it flourish. Developing care towards ourselves is the first objective, the foundation for later being able to include others in the sphere of kindness.

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