Just Understand Why You Hate

Just Understand Why you Hate.
 To hate by definition is intense or passionate dislike something or someone. A crime is an action or omission of an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. Both words together create a mind frame practiced more often then none to the practiced. A crime motivated by any type of prejudice is a hate crime, out of 250,000 hate crimes only 7,000 of them are reported, and only 3% of those hate crimes are filed by law enforcement. Why?
 The earliest cases of hate crimes weren’t called “hate crimes” because the term wasn’t in the vernacular of the people (or maybe it was?) to label it anything. The people of Atlantis were victims of this term during the invasion of Atlantis, were there differences made the blueprint for the practice of misunderstanding the differences between human and alien. The Roman Empire practiced hate by persecuting whole religions because of the differences in beliefs and the positions of power. The Empire and the christian community went to war over a fire the took down half of Rome. Emperor Nero blamed the church for this fire and there was war and the fall of an empire. Maybe one of the most popular cases of hate crimes in the most resent history holocausts of our time. The Nazi holocausts was coined as being the biggest hate crime, the Maafa (African Holocaust) was also one of the biggest if not the biggest hate crime in the history of the term. The 12 million slaves sold by Africans to the Americas (north and south) for hard labor, and the mass murder of around 9 million Jewish people were the tools that created a world of hate. From these events came hundreds of smaller hate groups who focuses on the differences between them and others, and hate the other groups for what the believe or for not believing in the same things.
 The history of hate crimes are so vase and deep rooted that its hard to not have it apart of the way of life. The reporting of hate crimes are almost unheard of even tell this day. With 3% of hate crimes being reported on the laws behalf and over 250,000 hate crimes be committed a year and only 7,000 of those are reported by the public theirs still a big problem with the way we as people deal with each other. The mistrust between the people and the law enforcers is the main reason hate crimes go unheard of. The disconnect with law enforcement and the public in more resent history shows that even hate crimes with these to very different groups (police and the public). These types of misunderstandings and mistrusts surrounding the people is were the term hate crime comes from. Take note of my artical “Us vs. Them State of Mind” to put context to the mistrust of the law and the people who enforce them.
Why? (the Genius Baby option)
 So why do we hate? To me its a simple misunderstanding. I feel if we new our history we could make changes for the better as far as what the future holds. People never think of the why, no one asks the hard questions, and theirs a fear of speaking out on subjects not so comforting to most. Pride is another factor that holds back the break down of division of the people. “Fear of anything takes away from everything” Ed. In my Us vs. Them artical I pin pointed the mind frame of the people at the start of Americans history. To control the people was and still is looked at as the power, keep most people in fear and keep control. So to think that hate crimes would be a focus of anybody in a potion of power would be like them giving black people forty akers and a mule. Bottom line DONT BE A HATER, its bad for your health and for the growth of the culture. Before you jump to any negative concussion and bout how to deal with a fellow human, think first talk second and react third. If your dealing with a person who does want to be reasonable don’t deal with them period. Its mind over matter in this world we rome and your in control, unless its to late. Clear your mind of the camp fire stories given to you and wake up to the facts of life. We all are different, in every way, but our similarities is what will open your eyes to the possibilities of peace on earth.
See the lies, And Be Wise, cause the Tides coming.
Peace and Love,
Genius Baby

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