Each and every one of us has intuition, but what it is?

Intuition is a feeling you get about a person, place, or situation that you can’t quite explain. Have you ever been in a situation where your friend wanted you to do something and you did not want to do it? One of the most important things our intuition does is warn us about danger and help protect us from it. Or have you ever got a hunch that something bad was going to happen and then it did? These experiences are examples of how our intuition warns and protects us from danger.

Danger can come in all sorts- an argument with a friend, getting yelled at by your parents, or in trouble at school. Yes your intuition will probably scream at you during the big things but it also helps with the little things and everyday life. Such as looking both ways before you cross the street, biting your tongue before you say something that could get you in trouble, and knowing when something isn’t right.

I once read a beautiful mantra that changed my life, “My safety first, their feelings second.” As a kid, you’re taught to be nice and not to hurt other’s feelings. That all adults are right and to do as you are told but what if you are being told something that isn’t right? What if you are in a situation that you don’t feel safe? When your intuition so much as whispers, you must take action – protect yourself and trust from within. Figure out what is going on and how you feel about the situation – what is your intuition telling you? Ask yourself what makes sense to you.

Trusting in your intuition will help you with decision making and standing by your choices. More often than not, we make a choice and are unsure if we have made the right choice. This feeling of indecisiveness comes from not trusting in your intuition. Or maybe you felt good about the choice until someone told you it was the wrong choice. Now you are unsure of yourself and the choices you make on behalf of yourself. All these doubts disappear when you make a decision based on your intuition, know that it will never steer you wrong and you don’t have to question if it was the right choice for you.

There is no book that will teach you the proper way to live your life because you are your own being of light, your own ray of sunshine and only you truly know what is best for you. Continue to water yourselves with Art, Knowledge, and Spirituality so you too can prosper.  The only guide you will ever need is the one from within, your intuition.



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