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This topic is some what touchy only because it can get extensive with just the different levels of information. It really all starts with the European colonization of the western lands in 1492. The earlier colonies planted in America failed which in turn would make for a lot of different methods to create the new world. The movie Gangs Of New York is a prime example of the way things went from a social justice system to the formal system we know today. From the 11th to the 15th century European and French settlers colonized the eastern states, forcing there religions and ways on the native people while making the land there own. As early as 1619 slavery was brought to the USA, based in Virginia first. Fifth teen states were slave states by the 1800s.

 All these different events that takes place between the 1600s to the 1900s are the basis of the governing of the masses. Before the civil war there were many different battles and wars between the natives and the settlers to gain control of the land. As the mind frame was always to control the lay of the land, as more people filled the land the mind frame grow with the population. To make scene of the police force and government today you have to think of the generations to come before us. You have to understand the land we live on, the world we know and love, the people who make the history comes from a land far from this one. The people who took the Americans over were running from a force in which enslaved them in European and other lands which would ship people in mass numbers only to be slaves. Even the early settlers had to fight the British for there freedom which didn’t happen until 1776 famously non as the Fourth of July. There was some much going on during these time you would think it would be easy to over look slavery for what it was, but it was so normal it became second hand. All the bloodshed before the independence had left it mark on the states and left it for the most part two sided.

 Its hard to connect with the mind frames of the men who would lead this country because most of us tend to act as if history doesn’t matter or as if it is fiction. We lack understanding of the many different agendas and the open market non as America, in some eyes begging for taking over and controlling. To understand the settlement of so many different races of people from so many different walks of life. People in the position of power with different experiences in life which would make it easier to manipulate the layout in there favor. If you new the outcome of something before it happened you would change or do whatever to make it so it was in the benefit of you. These liberties were often and still are being taken advantage of by people “in the know” per-say. If you find a land with no law, you would take what you liked about the laws you know and make them and the land yours and make what you’d like out of it.? I would have too…

 But the ways and views they knew and were used to may not have been huhman or morally right among-st the masses but were indeed just there ways of life. Now these facts are the deeply rooted problems with America and its government along with many others, which all comes back to an Us vs. Them state of mind. So when you see the police killing a black child in the street just take a look back at what has come before you. When a man can kill another man and say “that just another we ain’t gotta worry about” in 2016 we have to look back at our history and ask the toughf question to have an understanding about whats really going on, cause like I said being in the know is being at an advantage. Years and years and years and years hundreds of times over there have been people who have died in this country for no reason when its broken all the way down. The hard thing about life is to change. When your thought things and live a surtain way for a period of time it becames apart of you. When you try and convesned someone other then what they think you find resistans most of the time, and with most people. So to convense a man whos family has always looked down on black people or saw them as less then a human would be a tough task seeing that being all the man knew his whole life. Or to try to tell a gang member not to carry a gun or not love or rep his or her gang. Its all a mind frame and everything comes from the frame of mind.

 Hitler to Hover or Martin Luther to Ghandi, saint or sinner, all the things they create start as ideas first. Connect the dots and a clear picture will form. When we as a people change the frame of mind more towards help then harm, or postive more so then nagtive the better off as a whole we will be. The bad vibes or energy shuned and or not allowed. Focus on bettering thy self before anything, if things needed focus outside of yourself dont neglect but balance the field of play. The knowledge never stops so you should never stop learning, and you should carry that in the light of everything. We have the power and give the power and that being said we can take it away. Having an understanding in full is a major key Dj Khaild voice.
 Reporting from that voicebox in your head telling you to jump, it is I The One Genius Baby. Live your life and know life for what it really is. Ps. pay attention and bet it pay you back, Love brings Peace.

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