Ganesh- Remover of Obstacles

How many times has the UNIverse removed someone out of your life before you were ready to release them? Being that I am a libra, it is imperative that I know the why behind a decision as such. I’ve racked my brain for months trying to figure out what it is that I have done to cause a certain individual to exit my life.

Now in most situations, you should absolutely examine your role in the ending of any relationship but there was more to this story. I recently brought up the situation when talking to one of my best friends as this ending still doesn’t sit right in my soul. Of course, I have a few ideas but it’s always good to have an unbiased opinion. I explained the events that led up to our split and light bulbs went off every time I opened my mouth. I am the type of person who is of love and wants nothing more than harmony and balance. I constantly forget things or situations that people have done to me until it is pulled out of me because I refuse to stay in a murky space.

A couple months back, I accepted a work from home position from ABC Financial. Being the sharer of light that I am, I referred my friend for the job as well. One day while we were in the car, she told me she was pissed at me because I got the job and she didn’t. Just speaking these words, I felt all kinds of emotions swelling up inside me- embarrassment, hurt, guilt, shame. There were serval incidents similar to this that led to the destruction of our friendship.

I have many real friends so I tend not to take friendships lightly. When I tell someone, I love and care for them- I truly will ride for that person until the wheels fall off. Although this person has hurt me time and time again, I am quick to forgive and do what I can to mend fences. I have reached out multiple times and gotten no response. It hurts to know I considered this person a friend and am being treated as such.

During my conversation with one of my best friend, she pointed out that the UNIverse removed that individual out of my life for good reason. It never dawned on me that there were outside forces pulling strings on this relationship. When someone isn’t happy to see you win or refuses to share in your bliss, that is a red flag. When someone constantly knocks your efforts because they aren’t satisfied with their own progress, that is a red flag. I am learning to spot red flags and put healthy boundaries in place to support me and any decisions I make.

On my left thigh I have a tribute to Ganesh, remover of obstacles. At the time I got the tattoo, I didn’t understand the guidance that Ganesh provides to my life. During the last three years I’ve lost almost every person I cared about and for good reason. Some of them came back with new outlooks, some were replaced, and some just need to stay in the past. This journey has not been an easy one, but I am grateful for Ganesh’s influence and protection. Without him, I would still be attaching myself to individuals who do not deserve the light that I bring! I am going to use this Virgo New Moon to keep working on uncovering unhealthy boundaries and replacing them with healthy boundaries.

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