Flowers Friday

Flowers Friday

For those who don’t receive recognition as they should.
We show respect, gratitude, and love for
helping the mentality of the people starting tomorrow.

Give the Flowers NOW

This Friday I’d like to give flowers to my super woman, Linda Gatson. You are a complete powerhouse, there is literally nothing you can’t do.

From raising three children alone, holding down an amazing job,
being an entrepreneur, amazing friend, a great mom,
and a fantastic Grandma.
You are my inspiration and the reason I go so hard.
I want to say thank you for being my mom,
picking up your whole life, and accompanying me
on this journey of chasing my wildest dreams.

I won’t wait until your gone to give you
your flowers because you are appreciated.

Keep staying true to yourself and being a great role model, you are loved.

Love and light ❤️💐

Check back next Friday for our Friday Flowers nominee