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Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who are choosing to consciously step into a higher level of light. It’s a personal choice to boldly step into the unknown in order to expand into an experience that is entirely new.

Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

Consciousness becomes an awareness that we have a higher Self, core Self, Heart, which is our essence, our true reality, but that core Self dwells in this physical realm inhabiting this body. The awareness of Heart, essential Spirit, within our body initiates consciousness. It’s about as simple as that, if you want simplicity. However, the ramifications of awakening, spiritual awakening, dawning consciousness, or however one may wish to reference it leads to a host of wonderful realities.

The Healthy Divine Feminine offers tenderness, wisdom, patience, nurturing, flexibility and fertility.  Feminine intuition is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all have it.  “She” leads us in the right direction every time.  Who couldn’t benefit from some sound reliable advice in life? When something needs attention or is out of balance, she communicates through the body, the emotions and our thoughts.  When we are not listening or heeding her warnings, the voice gets louder and our discomfort grows.  Out of balance and ignored, she loses self-respect, discernment and the ability to love herself. Could you improve your listening skills to honor this aspect of yourself?
“Her” nature is to love you, guide you, honor you and nurture you.  Can you allow this in?  Where can you be more loving, honoring and nurturing to yourself?  She is creative and playful and loves to be in nature.  Your Divine Feminine is also the midwife to all that you are here to birth-ideas, businesses, children, art, books, products, systems +++.  She supports the whole process of seed planting, germination, incubation, nourishment and harvesting.  Everyone is here to birth something! If you work together, your Divine Feminine will help you connect with your Divine seed and steward you and the seed through the birthing process with ease and grace. In connecting with this wise and caring aspect of yourself, you will feel more peaceful, nourished and supported.

A healthy representation of the Divine Masculine is witnessed through a person who is strong, but gentle. He has an appropriate action of guidance and leadership without the need of praise or ego-stroking. He turns away from greed and conflict, and instead stays in a space of honor, honesty and diplomacy. He is confident but not arrogant, and adventurous but not reckless. He is someone you want to follow and makes you feel safe, supported and protected either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Everything is dual, everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites. Like & unlike are the same: opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. Extremes meet! All truths are but half-truths: all paradoxes may be reconciled.

This cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, known as samsara, describes what your soul goes through as it inhabits a body, leaves that body upon it’s death, then returns to Earth in a new physical form. And this may come as a surprise to some people, but the goal isn’t to remain in this cycle forever.

There are 3 main issues that can keep you stuck in a prolonged reincarnation karmic loop:

1) DNA blockages

2) Karma

3) Failed soul mission

Let’s discuss each one of these factors and what you can do about them.


PROBLEM: most people have blockages on their 4th strand of DNA due to implants and energetic interferences with the earth’s grid.

The 4th strand of DNA is connected to your heart chakra and it represent the first level of awareness from your Higher Self. DNA blockages on your 4th strand of DNA can prevent you from fully opening your heart chakra and embodying a state of unconditional love.

The epidemics of judgment, hatred and violence that humanity has experienced throughout recent history (we’ve been on this planet for millions of years) are the result of the vast majority of humans having closed heart chakras.

The 4th strand DNA blockage will also prevent you from accessing your astral mind and Soul Identity, the part of your Higher Self in dimensions 4-6.

Basically, if you have blockages on the 4th strand of DNA you won’t be able to connect to and embody your Soul Identity, nor ascend to the next Harmonic Universe. This is the main reason why people cannot go beyond the astral realms once they die and the only option is for them to go through reincarnation once again.

SOLUTION: clear DNA blockages and unnatural implants in the 4th strand of DNA. Activate the dormant strands of DNA that correspond to your Soul Identity and chakras 4, 5 and 6.


PROBLEM: one of the reasons people keep coming back is that they want to transmute the karmic imprints and ties they created during their previous incarnations. A great deal of this karma is usually made up of family karma.

Karma in the form of attitudes, contracts, ties and unresolved emotions that we have with our family members can sabotage our evolutionary process and keep us reincarnating with the same group of people.

SOLUTION: clear your karmic slate. When it comes to transmuting your karma you have multiple options. You can walk your karma (this one can be very time consuming) and you can energetically transmute your karmic slate (faster and more efficient way).

A combination of these options is the optimal approach. Walking all your karma is no longer a viable option due to how much karmic buildup you have created during the past 200,000 years.

If you desire to take advantage of the current ascension cycle and ascend, then you must clear as much karma as possible from this and previous lifetimes now.

Another important step for transcending your family karma is connecting to your Soul Identity so that your Higher Self can guide you to the ways best ways to resolve your karma. Your Higher Self can also help you re-member some of the unconscious karma that is still being projected onto your holographic reality and keeping you stuck in past life dramas.


PROBLEM: most people don’t re-member their Soul’s Purpose due to DNA blockages, karmic imprints and societal conditioning.

It’s easy to see that we live in a world where you aren’t encouraged to embody your Higher Self. Instead society is designed to keep you at the Ego level and prevent you from connecting to your Soul Identity (the part of you where your Soul’s Purpose is stored).

Due to the inability to re-member your Soul’s Purpose you run the risk of continuing to create more karma by making choices that are not in line with your Higher Self.

Then when you finally die and experience a life review you will become aware of what your Soul Purpose is and how you were not able to fulfill it during your previous incarnation.

How would you feel if you realized you failed to accomplish your mission here on Earth?

Many souls choose to repeat the reincarnation cycle in order to attempt once again to fulfill their Soul’s Mission. The problem with this is that you might forget your mission once again during your next lifetime when your karmic slate starts activating around the age of 4.

SOLUTION: connect to your Soul Matrix and begin to embody your Soul Identity. When you do this you will enhance the guidance and communication with your Higher Self.

The more connected you are to your Soul Matrix the greater the clarity you will enjoy in regards to what you are here to do and how to do it.

This will lead you to make more decisions IN LINE with your Higher Self and to the fulfillment of your Soul’s Purpose/Mission.

How do I fulfill my Soul’s Purpose and stop the reincarnation cycle?

Receiving and correctly processing the data being sent from your Higher Self is paramount when it comes to making the right choices in life, fulfilling your soul’s purpose and finally stoping unnecessary future incarnations.

The more choices you make in line with your Higher Self, the more light you can accrete in your auric field. Ultimately these are the choices that will lead you to vibrationally match and attract a higher grid of people, places, times, things and events.

Then through a sequence of synchronized events your Soul’s Purpose will be revealed to you and most importantly how to go about its fulfillment. At this point life becomes an enjoyable game of consciousness where you feel fully supported and divinely guided.

In a way you have ascended by the process of bringing the light from your Higher Self into the 3D realm (physical, emotional and mental bodies), thus changing the particle pulsation rhythm of the particles that make up your auric field and DNA Template.

When you have brought enough higher dimensional frequency bands and their respective light into your morphogenetic field there will come a time that you can consciously ascend without having to drop the physical body.

Instead you will transmute your body.

However, even if you physically “die” after accreting enough light from your Higher Self you will have the opportunity to ascend beyond the 4th dimension and finally transcend the reincarnation cycle.

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