Enjoying the Pleasure of Life

A lot of people question how I found peace. Most of my responses are through gratitude, mindfulness, and choosing happiness. As you could guess, those responses aren’t normally well received. So I’ve decided to break down what it means to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Simply stated, being proactive instead of reactive allows me to enjoy my life instead of being affected by it. The word “reactive” suggests that you don’t have any initiative. Instead of processing your feelings and emotions, you are lashing out at what is going on around you. Your going against the tide and causing all kinds of waves. Everything catches you by surprise so much so that you struggle to keep your head above water, bitch I’m drowning! I understand because i have been there, still get caught drowning sometimes myself.

How do we keep from drowning you ask? By tuning in on a deeper level. These things going on in life aren’t happening to you, they are just happening. That we have no control over but what we can control is responding to things instead of reacting. Preparation is everything and while we can’t see the future, we can focus on techniques like gratitude, mindfulness, and choosing happiness. These techniques and tools help us to process our feelings and act out of love.

Our first reaction has been programmed by society to be fear and or anger. Think how different life could be if we were to reprogram our thoughts to respond out of love and kindness- mind blowing! Use the ebb and glow of events as a source of rhythm and dance with the tide instead of against it.

Being proactive is not a mysterious quality that we have, or don’t have. It is a way of dealing with things, that we can develop and strengthen.




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