Dear Younger Self

If I could pass some knowledge down to my younger self, there are so many things I would say. Most importantly, I’d take her hands in mine and look directly in her eyes to let her know that I am here. She has never been and will never be alone. No matter what she goes through or who she loses in this lifetime, I will never leave her. I will always be here to guide her and hold her when life seems to be spinning out of control.

I have spent so much time chasing after other people. Whether it be the relationship I yearn to have with my mother and father, a friend, or lover. I’ve always wanted to be accepted, to be loved. Wanted someone to cherish me and my presence, to feel as if I belong. I’ve read book after book, searched internet site after internet site to try and find something- something worth holding on to.

It took me twenty-six years to realize that I am all I need. I am the love I wished others had given me. I am the knowledge I seek, the temple of endless light. When I first began my spiritual journey, I was always told to go within. Whenever I had a question, sought out knowledge, or yearned to be something to someone else; the advice given was to go within. At the time I struggled to wrap my mind around going within as it is such an abstract idea.

I thought I knew what I was looking for had to be purely physical. I had to be able to hold it, to see it, to show it to other people to prove its realness. What I found was everything but physical, what I found was myself and my self-worth. I already had this wise being inside of me with answers to questions I had not yet dared to ask. && she wasn’t alone! I had the knowledge of my ancestors, my spirit guides, and my angels all at my disposal.

As a child, I wasn’t taught to tap into this potential, into this inner light that shines out of my being. If I was able to speak to my younger self, I’d let her know how supported and highly favored she is, that she does not walk this earth alone and I will never let her down. I write this post to encourage young women and men to not be afraid to take risks and be exactly who you are because you don’t need love or acceptance from anyone or anything outside of your being- you are loved and supported.


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