Compassion: Step by Step

Let’s apply the Moody Principles of a Strong Foundation to Compassion

1 – Awareness: This is a moment of pain and suffering

Label the negative emotion – this will disarm it. Choose to be aware that it is there but don’t push it down and suppress it- let it be. This is emotional pain, we tend to not validate emotional pain, but it is very real. Everyone suffers but we can feel less alone knowing everyone is human– so don’t be a bully to yourself.

We must give ourselves self-compassion instead of criticism. What do you criticize yourself for (not being where you feel you should be in life, not being productive, etc.)? Do you think being hard on yourself will help you change?

First step is becoming aware of the emotional pain that your self-criticism causes, then gift yourself with compassion speaking truth about yourself. (Utilize Mantras example: I am a glorious mess!)

2 – Acceptance: Suffering is a part of life.

Be kind to yourself in this moment. Your inner critic is acting up & it’s time to put him or her in their place! Simple say, “I know you are scared, and you don’t feel safe.” Every time you catch yourself being judgmental about your unwanted traits, become aware of the pain produced by your self-judgment & give yourself compassion. Re-frame your inner dialogue so that it is encouraging and supportive. RAmember- love is more powerful than fear. The point is to respond kindly to yourself which will produce a feeling of warmth and caring. You are rebuilding a positive relationship with your inner self.

3 – Choosing Happiness: Giving myself the compassion I need
By becoming aware of your self-critical voice and re-framing its “observations” in a supportive and encouraging way, you will eventually rebuild a unshakable relationship with yourself improving the way you relate long-term.

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