Colors of Life

What is your favorite color? Did you know these colors have meanings that can help you accomplish your goals in real life. We like to call these meanings- symbolism. Symbols are used to represents ideas or qualities. Colors express feelings and emotions, some of us are drawn to certain colors while others may not like that color at all. Growing up, my favorite colors were yellow and orange, colors I feel represent happiness. I also very much disliked the color blue although at the time I didn’t understand why. I used to say, everybody likes blue so I don’t like blue. Further down the line I realized, I have an issue with communication which represents the color blue. Once you understand the meaning of colors, you can match your colors to your intentions for that day, or decorate your room in colors that reflect your true self and what is important to you. When you understand the power behind colors, you give yourself a secret advantage in many situations. Colors have spiritual meanings and can effect our vibrations as well as how others see us.

Let’s break down some colors and there symbolism in a positive light:

Red: Power, Wisdom, Passion, Security, Vitality

Orange: Creativity, Romantic relationships, sensuality

Yellow: Confidence, Inner Power, Courage, Strength, Consciousness

Green: Prosperity, Abundance, Personal Development, Healing, Growth

Blue: Communication (verbal and non verbal), Truth, Sub-Conscious

Purple: Intuition, Development of the Third Eye, Visions, Dreams, Divinity

Pink: Love Romance, Matters of the Heart, Childhood, Fertility

Brown: Materialization, Stability, Animals, Earth Connection

Black: Protection, Grounding, Endings, Transformation

Grey: Middle Road, Neutrality, Passivity, In between Worlds

White: New Beginnings, Spirituality, Ascension, Purity, Innocence

Now that you know the meanings of each of these colors, I encourage you to work with these energy when
*Decorating your room
*Getting dressed
*Writing (Journaling)

The more you get to know these colors and their energies, the better advantage you will have in life!

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