Colors of Life Part 2

Have you ever heard the saying, what goes up must come down? These colors and their beautiful meanings also have negative meanings or traits as we like to call them. Let’s discuss these colors in shadow form

Red: Anger, trauma, aggression, irritation, dominance, and insecurity.

Orange: Seriousness, co-dependence, guilt, manipulation, and outburst

Yellow: Ego, criticism, judgement, competitive, and cowardly

Green: Jealousy, intolerance, greed, envy, rejection, possessiveness, and grief

Blue: Deceit, depression, sadness, gossip, shyness, and dishonesty

Purple: Delusional, ignorant, obsessive, aloof, arrogant, and pompous

Pink: Immaturity, overly emotional, naivety, infertility, and neediness

Brown: Materialistic, unstable, dull, boring, and lifeless

Black: Negativity, destructive, rebellion, pessimism, fear, and addiction

Grey: Confusion, passiveness, indecisive, loneliness, and stagnation

White: Plain, empty, Stark, clinical, and sterile

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