Hermeticism is an ancient spiritual, philosophical, and magical tradition. It is a path of spiritual growth. Hermeticism takes its name from the God Hermês Trismegistos (Greek, “Thrice-Greatest Hermes”), a Græco-Egyptian form of the great Egyptian God of Wisdom and Magic, Thôth. What the Hermetic Fellowship defines as Hermeticism has also been called the Western Esoteric Tradition, and embraces the Perennial Philosophy or the Ageless Wisdom. Generally, the following can be said to be characteristic of the positive form of Hermeticism advocated by the Hermetic Fellowship.


Bullet Considers humanity to be on a spiritual journey to return to a state of unity with the Divine; this is the Great Work of humankind.
Bullet Holds that if we would attain to the Divine, we must aspire to the Divine; spiritual growth cannot be achieved without human effort
Bullet Is eclectic and draws material from sources spanning the entire Western Esoteric Tradition
Bullet Is polytheistic, yet ultimately monotheisitic (i.e., posits a multiplicity of Manifestations of the Divine Which emanate from an ultimate Divine Unity)
Bullet Holds that the Divine is both immanent and transcendent
Bullet Holds that the Universe is Divine and basically good
Bullet Teaches that when we seek the Divine, we may best begin with the Mysteries of Nature
Bullet Encourages spiritual curiosity
Bullet Understands that human beings can access the Subtle Realms through technique and aspiration; to this end, it embraces theurgy, meditation, ritual, and other spiritual and magical practices
Bullet Urges those who seek the Divine to also seek balance in embracing all things
Bullet Is a poetic rather than an ascetic worldview

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