In Ancient Kemet (Egyptian Mythology) Gods & Goddesses absorb other Gods & Goddesses. Absorption is the process or action by which one thing absorbs or is absorbed by another. This method can be applied to everyday life. Positive attributes, qualities, and values can easily be absorbed with techniques like reflection and mindfulness. Through journaling, we are able to documents areas in which we would like to improve. From there we are able to use mindfulness to identify these attributes, qualities, and values in other people (Gods & Goddesses). Once we have identified areas of improvement and our subjects, the real work begins. Now we take time to study our subjects and reflect in our journals. Once you feel you have enough information, it only takes 21 days to form a habit. I like to use this absorption method when I am forced to part with someone that I am not yet ready to give up. Has the UNIverse ever asked/told you to cut the cord on a relationship or friendship/family member that you depend on for a number of things? It’s as simple as absorbing those things (attributes, qualities, and values) that you are struggling to part with. Don’t go without what you feel you need to be happy, transform and become that person. The sooner one figures out “you are all you need to survive.” the sooner life will begin.


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